Art Bayview

artBayview is an evolving and interactive geo-mapping of public and private art sites in the Bayview-HuntersPoint community of San Francisco, California USA. Although the identified locations represent a small sampling of art and creative activities in Bayview, and focus primarily from the late 1970 to present, artBayview recognizes a rich and varied creative tradition present in Bayview-Hunters Point since the late 19th Century. Please assist us in this historic search for other locations and for information on the people involved - past and present. artBayview is, variously, conceptual + intentional + virtual and is formed as a collective of thought and action rather than as a group, per se. No one owns it. Actions are not intentionally disruptive. We work peer to peer to get it done on behalf of our community in Bayview. No one is paid to develop this site. The service provided is also free to viewers/users.